ISO & CE Approved Surgery


Sterlized, autoclaveable & disposible surgery


Fiber Optic & Conventional Laryngoscopes

As an instruments manufacturing company we better understand the value of quality in manufacturing processes. This is the reason we ensure the higher quality in total quality manufacturing. We are equipped with the latest equipment and machinery inside.

We are a team of innovative individuals engaged in developing modern instruments in house. Having a strong R&D team we always stand on the top of instruments manufacturing industry. We are making a complete range of Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes, Conventional Laryngoscopes & Disposable Laryngoscopes


Manufacturing Complete Family of Forceps

Forceps are the most common instrument used in by the professional surgeon. We are manufacturing the complete family of the forceps including Hemostatic Forceps, Carmalt Forceps, Liston Bone Cutter Forceps, Adson Tissue Forceps, dressing surgical forceps, Thumb Dressing Forceps, needle holder with carbon tip, Megil grasping forceps, Kocher forceps, Torn Over Dissecting Forceps Serrated, Nose Treatment Nasal forceps, Micro Ear Forceps, Pean Klemmer Forceps, Backhaus Towel Clamp Forceps, Kerrison Rongeur Forceps, Collin Forceps Tongue Holding Forceps

Our forceps are well trusted by the professional surgeons around the world. We always make sure the proper grip of the instruments keeping in mind the surgeon’s needs.


Manufacturing Complete Range of Surgical Scissors

We are expert in scissors manufacturing and our R&D team always welcome new designs of scissors. We always welcome new designs and custom designs. We are making a complete family of surgical scissors with high precisions.

We are supplying scissors to our valued customers as per their needs around the globe. Our quality assurance department test each and single scissors before final packing to ensure the high quality scissors.


Wide Range of Retractor & Clamps

Source of Surgical is engaged in manufacturing of wide range of Retractors and Clamps. Retractor Weislander Self Retaining, Ultralight Mirror & Retractors, Molt Mouth Gag Retractor Orthodontic, Langenbeck Retractor, Retractor Baby Roux retractor, Surgical retractors, Farabeuf Retractor , Mouth Opener Clamp, Balfour Abdominal Retractors, Deaver Speculum, Langenbeak Retractor, Retractor Pulling Purposes are top of the line products in this division.

We always welcome customization in retractors and clamps to fulfill the customer’s needs. We do customization in least time with higher precision.