Comprehensive Range of dentistry


ISO & CE Approved Dental instruments manufacturing


Tooth Extracting Forceps

Marvelous attention to detail is the main reason for the high-quality extracting forceps made at Source of Surgical for an excellent and precise use for the surgeons. All our products are manufactured handcrafted by the experienced engineers by using medical grade stainless steel. We are CE approved company for the making of dental instruments including the entire range of Tooth Extracting Forceps includes AB AC forceps, Anterior Forceps, Apical Retention Forceps, Comedic Special Forceps, Deep Grip – 300 Series, Diamond Tipped Forceps, English Pattern Forceps, Mandibular Forceps, Maxillary Forceps.

We at Source of Surgical is a bunch of experienced engineers who are striving to deliver high-quality dental instruments to the dentist worldwide.



Root Elevators & Tools

Customization in instruments manufacturing is our core expertise. Source of Surgical is tremendous in instruments customization. We are making root elevators, root pliers, root forceps, dental root explorer, root canal instruments and root scalars.

We are ISO 13485 and CE approved company and all our instruments are made followed by the universal set of quality standards for the dental surgery. We use medical grade stainless steel for the manufacturing of dental instruments.


Orthodontics  Pliers  and  Cutters

Backing up with the team of highly skilled engineers we are always on the top of instruments manufacturing company in town. Orthodontic pliers and instruments are the key sectors of our manufacturing. We do produce an extensive range of orthodontic instruments. We make orthodontic pliers, cutters and a wide range of other orthodontic instruments.

We at Source of Surgical always ready to hear from our customer what they need and then we product followed by the given requirements. We offer private labeling and private branding to enjoy our wide production experience with your own identity.


Anesthetics Dental Syringes

We always believe in delivering the high-quality instruments to our valued customers. Our highly skilled team of engineers is striving to produce world’s top class quality dental syringes with an extensive range of the syringes. We produce syringes with medical grade brass and are reusable and CE approved with autoclave sterilization.

For the retailers and medical brands, we offer private labeling and private branding solutions. Boost your brand reputation by using an extensive experience of Source of Surgical in the manufacturing of dental syringes.