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Barber  Razor Scissors, Thinning Scissors & Barber Shears

Having a wide production experience in manufacturing of barbering instruments includes Barber Scissors, Barber Razor Scissors, Barber Shears, Barber Thinning Scissors, Plastic Handle Barber Scissors, Barber Shaving Razors & Shaving Brushes, Source of Surgical is on the top priority of barber supplying companies across the world. Our top quality products are always the best choice for our valued clients.

Source of Surgical offer private labeling and custom packing solutions to start your own brand for barber products and enjoy our wide production experience with your own brand name. We are a team of experienced individuals committed to delivering high-quality products worldwide.


Nail Nippers, Cutters, Scissors & Files

From the selection of raw material to the end packaging, source of surgical is competent to produce higher quality nail tools. We use high quality stainless steel to make the forging. And make sure the higher quality of every raw material used to convert a raw steel into an excellent tool. Our engineers are well aware about the changing needs of the nail industry, this is why we deliver the excellent nail tools since many decades.

We are serving the nail industry with a wide range of nail tools with an extensive range of variants. We always welcome new customers with new design requirements and any kind of customization in tools. We love to customize a tool as per the customer requirements. We welcome you to sell our extensive production experience with your brand name.


Straight Barber Razors & Disposable Razors

With an extensive range of straight razors with a variety of variants, we stand on the top of the razors manufacturing industry. This make us more prominent in the barber razors manufacturing line.  Large manufacturing infrastructure enables us to accept the larger orders. We manufacture disposable razors, wooden handle razors & sharp edge razors. We are supplying to a number well known barber brands around the globe.

We offer private labeling and custom packaging and branding solutions.


Podiatry Nail Clippers & Tools

Being a manufacturer of nail tool we better understand the needs of professional practitioners. A focus and believe on the greater quality of our podiatry tools as every single professional want a high standard tools. Our commitment to quality and reliability means we can provide our customers with brilliant Podiatry instruments professional depends on.

We are serving the podiatry industry with podiatry nail clippers, podiatry cutters, podiatry nippers, podiatry scissors & podiatry files,